Law Students for Human Rights (LSHR) is one of NYU Law’s largest and most active student organizations. We focus on global and domestic human rights.

To learn about human rights opportunities, subscribe to the LSHR listserv.

LSHR’s mission is to:

  • Promote global human rights by drawing on the unique resources of the NYU School of Law community.
  • Establish a forum for education, advocacy and direct service related to human rights.
  • Build a community for future practitioners of human rights law.
  • Engage in the study of human rights law and develop the skills required to advance strategic human rights objectives.

Student Committees

Student committees work to fulfill LSHR’s mission.

Advocacy Committee. The Advocacy Committee directly promotes the advancement of human rights. Advocacy members work in teams to perform legal research, write briefs and other legal documents, and otherwise assist NGOs and other human rights organizations with their work. In addition, the Advocacy Committee engages in direct action together with the Education Committee, and provides career-related advice and mentorship for its members together with the Career Development Committee.

Education Committee. The Education Committee serves to inform LSHR members, the Law School community, and the NYU community at large about human rights issues. To this end, the Education Committee plans speaker events, film screenings, discussion groups, brown bag lunches, and other formal and informal gatherings designed to raise awareness about human rights. The Education Committee also works with the Advocacy Committee to organize direct action campaigns that mobilize the LSHR community as a whole.

Career Development Committee. The Career Development Committee provides students with the information and resources to access careers and internships in international and domestic human rights.


LSHR is affiliated with NYU Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice.

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