The Human Rights Defenders Series Presents: Understanding Haiti Today: Human Rights, the Resource Curse, and the Plunder of Poverty: A Talk with Nixon Boumba of the Haiti Mining Justice Initiative.

Friday, February 7, 12:30-2:00pm, WILF Hall, 5th Floor Conference Room

CHRGJ and LSHR’s Human Rights Defenders Series is proud to present a close colleague and partner of the Global Justice Clinic, Nixon Boumba, a Haitian human rights activist and member of the Kolektif Jistis Min nan Ayiti (Haiti Mining Justice Collective). Boumba has been working in mining-affected areas of Haiti to ensure that local people understand their rights in regard to the extractives industry. Besides his work on mining, Boumba is also a supporter of economic and cultural rights in Haiti, a staunch advocate on behalf of all marginalized and oppressed populations in Haiti, and a leading figure calling for vigilance and justice in Haiti’s current development climate, which is marked by notoriously low wages and controversial efforts to create industrial and tourist zones.

In his talk, Boumba will discuss the challenges inherent to being a human rights defender in a country where human rights advocates are increasingly being persecuted for their work. He will also discuss the specific tools and tactics available to advocates hoping to minimize the potential harms of mining on local communities.


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